Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Creating Calm: The Great American Road Trip & Tips

We all want to be "Happy as a Clam" ... and for this Drill Sargent, it isn't as easy as I'd like it to be.  Although, we are always progressing forward.. leaps and bounds and hopefully, I am letting go of some of my military-esque parenting tactics.

And yet.. we are (as a family) venturing out on a Road Trip.. yes the gaggle in a car for an extended period (here's to hoping I still have hair and it isn't completely grey).

So I did what I do best.. prepare and Google!!  I came across so many great ideas for so many of my wonderful blogger friends.  Here are just a few and then I'll give you MY first TIP (modified from my internet finds)!

So what are some of your ideas/techniques for creating Calm in the Car so you can be Happy as a Clam?

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