Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hope, Faith, Prayer & Good Luck Charms

So.. I thought that I was due to O (ovulate) around Columbus Day...

ummm no... I got AF (aka Mother Nature, the Wicked Witch, my monthly visitor) about 5 days earlier than I had anticipated (must've O'd early last cycle.. and bc I wasn't tracking I didn't know.. ah, the life of a TTC'er if you don't actually track your cycle through charting and/or examing pee sticks or other bodily fluids you don't know exactly what is going on with your cycle and when to expect the next one). But I'll take earlier over later.. well for this cycle. If I had planned on wearing white then I'd go with later. Now my predicted O and fertile phase is about a full week earlier (somewhere between October 1st and October 5th)... and P. (my wonderfully amazing spouse.. who manages to deal with my stress as well as his own in this process) is going to be out of town!


Whatever is a girl going to do... I mean I can't do this alone... I need him!! Well, I need his "swimmers". So, the RE's (Reproductive Endocronologist)office is freezing his "specimen" just in case I get my surge while he is still away... but please, please, please pray for my body to hold off its LH surge till Saturday, October 4th so we can do IUI that day or Sunday the 5th when he is in town! I want fresh, vibrant, strong swimmers! Oh and on top of that.. please use any other good luck charms or superstitions to make this work for us!! xoxoxo

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