Thursday, November 12, 2009

Natural Resources

Yesterday was our "Initial Consultation" with the Adoption Agency. It actually went really well. The Domestic Adoption Specialist was very knowledgable and friendly. Both P and I felt very comfortable with her. We even walked out the appointment with a very positive attitude about our chances for being "linked" with a birthmother. One problem.. our "Natural Resources" ... no I am not talking about wind, water, minerals, plants, animals, etc. but finances.

Because we still own the Pittsburgh house and have yet to find a tenant. Funds are VERY TIGHT! We have some money available and are confident in our ability to secure a personal loan to finance the rest. But would like to KNOW we have the funds to follow through with the process when we are selected. (Yes, when.. I am optomistic that we will be selected --> why wouldn't we be.. we are a young, successful, and wonderful/warm/caring couple).

Well, the intial fee schedule is as follows: Formal Application & Home Study = $1,500.00; Education Requirements (literature) = $60.00; Misc. Expenses = $300.00; Profile Books & Preparation(50 copies) = $1,400.00; Quarterly Service Fee = $500.00; Monthly Website Fee (optional) = $45.00 --> 3 months = $135.00 (SUBTOTAL = $3,895.00).

Then we move onto Matched/Linked/Placement Fees: Escrow Deposit (for Adoption Services @ $150.00/hr. + mileage + exepenses) = $5000.00; Host Family Care (if needed) = $45/day + travel + expenses; 30 day Follow-up Visit = $100; Post Placement Supervision = $300/visit + mileage + travel time; Administrative Fee = $9,000.00; Plus any additional fees over the Escrow Deposit and Possible Living Expenses/Co-Pays/Medical Insurance for the Birthmother = estimated amount $5000.00 (GRAND TOTAL = Approximately $23,000.00).

We realize that these funds aren't needed all at once, and the process could take between 12 & 24 months before we are matched (the agency tries to ensure that birthmothers aren't matched until they are in their 5 or 6 month of their pregnancy). But not knowing where we'd get the $9,000.00 for the Administrative Fee once the adoption is finalized (which happens 6-10 weeks post birth), can be a bit daunting. We managed not to go into debt with the Fertility Treatments and I can't bring ourselves do it over this. We have the resources available to scrimp and save in order to ensure that we have the money available should be get selected sooner rather than later. So here's to setting a monetary goal rather than a monthly one.


  1. Here's hoping you find a tenant soon. Preferably one who may decide to buy it!!

  2. hoping that you find a tenant soon! I just lunched with my friend who successfully adopted now two years ago. He told me they spent a total of 60k, 30k on unsuccessful attempts and 30k on the beautiful baby girl they have. wow! and people say it like it is simple....just adopt. I know you can do this! (the word verfication is desti, as in destiny)

  3. Thanks ladies! I know it will all fall in place.. things happen for a reason. :D



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