Friday, November 13, 2009


Don't they look sooo YUMMY? I wish I could eat them all!! But this isn't really about food. It's about P "waffling". He sent me an email yesterday asking me to research ways of funding the adoption. Don't get me wrong I am excited that is totally on board with the idea, but I thought we agreed to wait. Financially its not the right time to add more debt to our already low resources. We have 2... two.. TWO mortgage payments, and not by choice either.

Anyway, we'll be discussing it more this weekend and figuring out if there is anyway to fund the adoption. We've both done some initial research on the topic and I think I may have found a band-aid.. just a temporary fix if things should happen quickly. Which is all we really need. Now to decide if we begin now, January or hold true to the monetary goal.

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