Tuesday, November 25, 2008


well yesterday i had my 3rd IUI.. and it was a horrible experience. the 1st two cycles were a breeze.. but yesterday they had trouble inserting the catheter.. they finally used a U/S to "see" where they were putting the catheter. needless to say it hurt and i was/am spotting like crazy bc of all of the poking. neway the worst part is that when i asked about the follicle size and ovary i found out that for the past 3 cycles i have been ovulating from my right ovary and each cycle the follicle size has been decreasing (september = 20mm; october = 15mm; & november = 12mm). neway i looked into it and found out two things... when Ovulation moves from one ovary to the other in two consecutive cycles it is called contralateral ovulation and when ovulation occurs from one ovary in two consecutive cycles it is called ipsilateral ovulation.. and that the egg tends to not be a strong and healthy in ipsilateral ovulation. oh i also read that right-sided ovulations tend to produce more pregnancies. just an interesting side note.

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