Monday, February 22, 2010

February's ICLW

Well, that time of month has rolled around again... It's ICLW (International Comment Leaving Week)!!

I blog about a little bit of everything that life has to throw at me... my "hurdles".  Mostly, the topic revolves around TTC'ing and Foster Care/Adoption.  I find that writing about the "hurdles" is a great stress releiver and can also *hopefully* help someone else through their "hurdles". 

You'll notice just above the posts are a few tabs.  The tabs link to pages that share my journey over the "hurdles", blogs that I enjoy reading, and a glossary to some of the abbreviations found in my posts.

Happy Commenting!!


  1. Your pictures in so many of your posts make me laugh so hard! Great job finding thme!!

  2. You blogging is amazing!! I am so serious about putting your stuff into a journel notebook for other to read! Your stress relief makes me jealous mine I like to nap!!

  3. I adore your blog!! I can't help but admire your strength through everything you've "hurdled"!



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