Saturday, December 3, 2011

Letters from the Heart

I've been struggling to write.. to write on my blog and to write a letter to the children's birth family.  Last year we got each birth parent a gift for Christmas.  This year I am sending a letter to update them on things that are going on with the children and to include some professional pictures we had taken.  But boy is letter writting harder than sending a small token. 

Even picking out pictures of the children is difficult, do they look happy enough in this one, does this show an adequate portrayal of their life with us, am I sharing too much, am I not sharing enough? 

The anxiety.. the agony over something a seemingly simple as a letter or a blog for that matter.  The same questions go through my mind when I attempt to post here.  There are so many privacy concerns that go into foster care, and so much of our daily revolves around those private matters.  But what I can do is tell you about our milestones...  Yup we have LOTS of milestones between "C"indy, "B"ella, and "A"arron.

"A"arron is walking and talking... he jabbers soo much.  Recently he started walking around the house putting on his sunglasses and say "toot" I am not sure if he saying "Cool" or "Cute".  He is soo funny.. he'll also run over and growl at people.. apparently you are supposed to act scared and then he laughs hysterically and repeats it.. over and over and over and over.

"C"indy is in kindergarten.. she absolutely LOVES it and is doing so well.  She had almost all 4's (basically to the older generation all A's).. the only she is struggling with is her gross motor skills.  They have this weird test that the kids have to stand on one foot for 6 seconds.. here is the glitch.. they have to have their eyes closed.  Apparently not many can actually do this till the end of the school year, they fall over at about the 3 second mark.  Go ahead and try it.. its a totally different feeling from doing it with your eyes open.

Then we have sweet "B"ella... the middle child, she can be sometimes difficult and at other times a comedian and sweet as pie.  We've worked through our potty training issues and dinner issues for the most part.  Recently she started hitting other chidlren at school, but we are working with her on it and so is daycare.  In fact I get a daily update on how her day was (they put a smiley face, frowny face, or straight line face on a white board.. I am sure you can figure out which one means which).  When she gets a frowny face she doesnt get to watch cartoons that night.. and then we get almost a full week of smiley faces!!

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