Tuesday, May 13, 2008


After 5 years of just keeping the "if it happens, it happens" mind frame without any "happy accidents" we decided to start discussing fertility options with my doctor. Well, last week I had my blood work done for fertility testing and I got the results this week. And everything is perfect I am ovulating normally and on CD21 (the 21st day of the cycle.. 7 days after ovulation) my progesterone levels were 14.5 (they usually look for anything over 15 as an early sign of pregnancy), which is really good, right? It doesn't feel like good news though.. If my body is functioning the way it is supposed and I just haven't gotten pregnant, it makes me feel like "its not meant to happen" and helpless. Ughhhh....


  1. So if your fertile what is the doctors explination of why you are not getting pregnant?

  2. i have "cervical stenosis" which narrows/closes off the cervical canal due to scar tissue from previous surgeries (a Cone Bioposy and a LEEP Bioposy). The surgeries removed part of the cervical canal, to remove precancerous/cancerous cells; however, it also removed a portion of the cells that create the cervical mucus to help make the canal a habital environment for the sperm. So, my "brick wall" combined with my husband's low volume make it difficult to conceive.. not necessarily impossible... basically the odds are stacked against us.



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