Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My Aunt Jane Knows More Than My RE

Well, we went back to the OB/Gyn on Wednesday, July 9th, to determine our path to conception (I had started a new cycle the day before). I had told her about the clotting (i know it's gross - but it was the most disgusting thing I'd ever seen... it was almost skin like).. she presumed it was "pregnancy lining" and made me do a pregnancy test. It was negative. She also determined that my cervix had closed again (no wonder my cramps were really bad the day before), so she dilated me and gave me a prescription for an HSG (and Clomid (a pill to help ovulation and the produciton of stronger eggs) for my next cycle.

I had the HSG (hystosongram) on Tuesday, July 15th (CD8) and it came back clear.. no blockages, no abnormalities, no holes. It wasn't an easy procedure.. in fact it's quite uncomfortable. They had to insert a catheter into my cervix.. which is partially blocked off because of the stenosis.. and they couldn't even get it all the way, but managed to get it far enough in to inflate the balloon and inject the dye.

P.S if you have to have an HSG do/bring the following: take ibuprofen (or 4 advil, which equates to 1 prescription strength motrin) about 1 hour before the procedure, bring pads (the pads they give you are like bricks!) & baby wipes.. you are a complete mess afterwards.

Anyway, because the results were clear that means that our fertility issues are a direct result of the cervical issues and now we are as being "subfertile", because in all other respects we should have no problem conceiving.

So we have an appointment with the R.E. (reproductive endocronologist) for a consultation on Friday, August 15th, because I'll be in the middle of my next cycle (it should begin around August 3rd), we are going to try the Clomid (although it is pretty clear it won't help). Hopefully, we can schedule IUI for the following cycle (which'll begin around August 30th).. so here's to a Gemini Baby (yikes twins.. and with the IUI there is a chance of multiples)!! ;)

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