Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Money's no Object

so although my cycle looked awesome.. it was too good to be true. i am not on CD3 and starting Clomid for this cycle... we have our R.E. consultation about I.U.I. on Tuesday August 19th. DH and I both truly believe that the I.U.I. will be successful and as the subject of the post reads in his words "Money's no object." we will do whatever it takes to conceive and we will do what the doctors suggest for as long as they think... if fo whatever reason nothing works and the doctors are out of solutions then we will move onto adoption... but we have to at least try no matter the cost. i love my DH for being so strong through all of this, because without his strength and perserverence i would have given up a long time ago.. but i am so happy that we haven't.

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