Monday, January 12, 2009

Moving on...

Well, AF showed yesterday... I went from that wacky 35 day cycle to a normal 23 day cycle. So tomorrow I go in for my baseline testing (BW and U/S) and start the Gonal-F (FSH Injections) at 150mg for 5 days. Then on CD8 (Sunday the 18th) I'll go back in for more BW and another U/S.. depending on my lining and the follie amounts and sizes either either continue with the FSH at the same dosage, lower the dosage, or do the Ovidrel (HCG Trigger - woohoo! pregnancy symptoms without an actual BFP!) and have my IUI 36 hours after the Trigger shot. So my IUI will be sumtime between the 19th and 23rd! Then the wait... oh yah and the Progesterone Suppositories (I heard that those are a wonderful mess and the side effects are lovely!!)!! I should go in 16-17 post IUI for a bloodtest to check my beta levels.. i am SOOOO hoping this works.. but am cautiously optomistic about the chance of success on the first go round, but at least it is something new. so ladies.. hand over that extra baby dust!! i want it!!

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