Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I DID IT....

i am actually pretty proud of myself.. i managed to give myself my first injection! i was soo much like a rock.. got the pen ready... poked myself.. pulled it out.. and then.. yes then i start shaking like a leaf!! go figure i wait till i am done to have a little bit of panic attack!! neway...it was 150mg of Gonal-F (FSH stim).. i have 4 more nites of this.. and then i have a follow-up on Sunday at 6:45am (looks like Saturday nite will be an early one). they'll do more BW and another U/S to check my lining and follie sizes. The follicles should be at least 15mm (hopefully there is more than one) and my lining should be at least 8mm (with it being 3mm on CD3 today i don't see why it wouldn't be thick enough on CD8). okay.. give me all the virtual belly rubs u can... and of course baby dust!!

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