Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Down to the wire.....

Well, considering that Sunday's (11dpo/iui) HPT was a BFN... I am not really sure what Thursday's blood test wil bring. My breasts aren't as sore as they have been.. the cramping is very minimal (it was intense last week.. to the point that if I didn't know better I would've thought AF was going to show ne minute)... and I am not
feeling nething like I did post HCG Trigger Shot. I would think that if a bean or beans had implanted I would feel like I did post trigger... hungry, tired, and really sore nipples... but nope. Hopefully it is just because my body adjusted to the hormone levels (like they did with the FSH stims) or that I haven't gotten to the same level of HCG to start the EPS. I should know more Thursday afternoon.... crossing everything in hopes that it worked!!! Thank you everyone for all your support!!

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