Thursday, November 19, 2009

O my O....

Well, this cycle appears to be off one. Normally I ovulate (O) around cycle day 11 (CD11 - 10 days after mother nature arrived in my bathroom bearing gifts of irratiblity, cramps, and misery). Yes, I have really short cycles.. but this cycle is a bit later than normal. I am using the OV Watch which detects chloride ions in your sweat while you sleep. Anyway, I have already surpassed CD11 and am currently on CD13.. the watch has not detected this ions.. and I was started to think that I wasted $200 on this thing ($99 for the watch with 1 sensor and $99 for an addtional 3 sensors -- I wanted a 4 cycle supply).

Well this morning... to my complete shock I woke up to: "Fertile Day 1" (picture to be posted later).. the watch will now count down to O. Which means I should O around CD17 or CD18!! A little late, but better late than never.

So although all of our Fertility Treatments failed us.. we might as well give it a go to try naturally until we are matched with a Birth Mother (BM). If it works.. it works.. if not c'est la vie.. life goes on.


  1. Go Maddie! Go Paul!! Go Maddie!!! Go Paul!! I'm rooting for the two of you!!! And that's awesome the watch is starting to show the right "signs".

  2. Thanks Cathy.. here I was thinking that I just wasted money the darn thing.. but I did not!! I highly reccomend it.. stress free O predictor!



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