Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting ahead of myself...

I am more than excited about the decision to adopt through the Foster Care system. Maybe a bit too excited, even! Yesterday I scheduled our Orientation for the end of the month, which hopefully will allow us to attend Foster Care training next month and have our home study completed by the end of March.

The excitement is spilling over into the desire to buy stuff.. lots of stuff, baby, toddler stuff (toys, bedding, clothing, supplies and gear)... which makes me think that I am in somewhat of a dellusional state. But to be perfectly honest, I've been squelching the urge to buy baby stuff since the beginning of our TTC process. At first the desire stemmed from the fact that I just knew we'd be expecting right away. Then it became a torture to even go near a baby aisle, because it just wasn't happening, but now that "I just know it's going to happen" flame has started to flicker again. So maybe I am "putting the horse before the cart" and the reality is that staring at an empty nursery will be painful, but I do want to be prepared. I mean what if we get an emergency placement (it can happen)?

Fine... I do have a crib, but my mom & dad bought it for us and it converts froma crib to a toddler to be a full size bed. And yes, I it is set up as a full size bed in one of our guest rooms. It's pretty, here's an image from the catalog:

Alright, I did start a registry, well more like a "wish-list" it's not public or anything, but I just wanted to see what we would need and how much it would cost. Holy heck baby stuff is expensive!! And lets just take a look at this checklist (okay so it is for newborns, but we'll need that stuff too):

Essentials by Category

baby room: You and your baby will be spending lots of time together in the nursery, so outfit it with colors you love, smart-design furniture and comfortable touches. Daytime essentials include a soft changing station, a well-sized dresser plus organizer baskets to keep the room neat, a glider for feeding and cuddling, and a baby monitor so you can keep an ear on your little one while you rest or do chores. At night, tuck your babe into the crib with soft, snuggly and completely dreamy bedding.

  • crib
  • crib mattress
  • mattress pads (2)
  • waterproof crib pad
  • fitted crib sheets (3-4)
  • crib bedding set
  • blankets (3-4
  • dresser or armoire
  • changing table
  • baby monitor
  • hangers
  • organizer
  • baskets
  • glider or rocker
  • nursing pillows

  • lamp with low-watt bulb
  • mobile
  • hamper
  • bassinet
  • fitted bassinet sheets (2)
  • ottoman for glider or rockers bumper pad
  • changing pad covers (2)
  • wipe warmer
  • diaper disposable system
  • diaper disposable refills
  • night-light
  • CD/cassette player
  • lullaby CDs/tapes
  • clock
baby wear: It’s your first game with your baby: Playing dress-up. Make sure your layette includes lots of super-soft layers, then start teaching that baby all about dressing in style. You’ll want several body suits—they help keep diapers in place plus protect a wiggly baby’s tummy from the cold—and from there, layer on sweet gowns, colorful outfits and cozy socks and booties. Don’t forget hooded blankets for stress-soothing swaddling and cooler nights!
  • bodysuits (7-8)
  • gowns (5-7)
  • sleep ‘n plays (3-4)
  • booties/socks (4-5 pair)
  • caps (2-3)
  • receiving blankets (3-6)
  • seasonal outerwear
  • clothing the next size up
  • coming home outfit
  • T-shirts (6)
  • play outfits (8)
  • dress-up outfits
  • sweaters (1-3)
  • mittens (2-3 pair)
  • hangers
baby gear: Your baby will be on the go from day one. Travel safe, sound and stylish with smart picks that get you from here to there with ease. Your most important purchase will be a safe, well-designed car seat for that ride home from the hospital. Then move on to a stroller for errands and exercise plus a carrier that holds your little one close. On the home front, you’ll need a high chair and a play yard before you know it!
  • infant or convertible car seats
  • car shade
  • diaper bag

  • stroller or travel system
  • infant carrier or sling
  • umbrella stroller
  • play yard
  • swing
  • highchair
  • lightweight jogging stroller

  • bouncy chair
baby toys: With a new baby, every day is a discovery. Add the right toy in the mix, and watch your little one learn a smile a minute. First on the play agenda: Building muscles and motor skills during tummy time and floor time with stimulating activity mats. As your baby grows, add light infant toys that can be easily grasped and lifted, then interactive toys with finger-fascinating textures. The fun has just begun.
  • activity mat
  • bouncer
  • activity gym
  • teething toys
  • favorite toy for changing table
  • stuffed animals
  • activity toys
  • on-the-go toys for stroller and car seat
  • bath toys
  • activity center/baby gym
  • swing
  • jumper
  • soft or board books
  • puppets
baby care: Taking care of a new baby is the toughest job you’ll ever love. Stock up on all the necessities, and it’s a little easier and a lot more fun. Make sure your little bundle of joy stays healthy and keeps bouncing and growing with the right feeding supplies—and get extras so you don’t find yourself stuck with a sink full of dirty bottles. Bathtime doubles as bonding time, especially when you have everything conveniently on hand and ready to scrub-a-dub-love.
  • bottles (5-8)
  • bottle warmer bottle brush
  • dishwasher basket
  • extra nipples pacifiers (3-5)
  • bibs (4-5)
  • burp cloths (12)
  • diapers/wipes diaper rash cream
  • infant bathtub
  • baby shampoo and wash
  • baby washcloths (2-3)
  • hooded baby towels or robes (2-3)
  • grooming kit
  • thermometer
  • household safety kit
  • bathroom safety kit
  • diaper pail/disposable system
  • medicine dropper
  • teething gel
  • protective mittens

See that list is huge! I think it'd be nice to have somethings in the house, but I also am realistic about things happening as quickly as I would like.


  1. you don't need half that stuff...i love how babies r us gives you this binder thingy with all this crap you are supposed to need and it's just their way of trying to get more sales.

  2. Yeah, my hunch is that some of the stuff on the "necessities" list is FAR from necessary. But then, I don't have kids, so you can take anything I say on the subject with a grain of salt.

    Maybe you can allow yourself to buy 1 thing now--to celebrate your new decision--and then hold off on everything else till at least the orientation session? It's just a thought.

    I've been watching that show, "Hoarders" a lot--and now have a fear of bringing too much stuff into the house!...

  3. wow, that is alot of baby stuff! That's why you definitely need time to prepare! xoxo



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