Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Amendments & Modifications

As a paralegal, I dealing with Amendments and Modifications regularly. In fact it was what I was primarly doing when I was working at a bank.. amending and modifying commercial loans. I prepare amendments every so often now, but not on a daily basis (maybe weekly). However, I am not here to discuss my career, because I am not in some sort of dillusional state in which people actually enjoy reading about the legal field, plus what I do is honestly kind of boring.

The reality is that there has been an Amendement and Modification to our adoption plans. We have decided to pursue foster adoption rather than domestic infact adoption. I am not sure why we had the change of heart... we've discussed fostering before but always felt reluctant to actually pursue it.

I am not naive about the process, in fact (for those of you that don't know) I have 4 foster brothers (Big A - 18, Lil A - 17, D - 14, & B - 12). They didn't grow up in the house with the 5 of us, but I've been on the phone listening to the struggles, giving advice and even being a big sister (when needed). The boys are wonderful additions to the family and the growth they show is a testimate to my parents patience, discipline, structure and understanding (a lot of discipline and structure).

The positive sides are vast... we can continute to try and conceive (without worrying about any reprecussions from the agency), we have an opportunity to give back to society by opening our hearts and home to needy children and families, and we get the joy of hearing the pitter patter of footsteps around the house... oh and we get to play with toys (seriously, that's the best part.. isn't that why people become parents?), one more point to mention the financial cost is minimal. As far as we can see it.. its a WIN - WIN!!

P.S. don't forget to "delurk"!


  1. In an effort to "delurk"...

    Well, I first need to say that I didn't become a parent to play with toys. I needed child labor around the house. :D Jason did it for the toys, though.

    We're happy for you and Paul in whatever decisions you two make. Amendments are common, as well as expected, as you two pave your ways through life. If nothing else, I know that you two will make great parents, whether temporarily or permanently, and any child(ren) will be lucky to have had you two in their hearts.

  2. You will be fabulous foster/adopted parents! Can't wait til you get your kids!

  3. It takes a very special kind of person to be a foster parent. I admire your decision! I struggle emotionally with "letting kids go" so, for me, I don't see foster parenting in the cards. However, for those who do it, you are admired and I'm humbled in the presence of foster parents. The Lord is with you. That is fabulous for your family!!!

    And Yes, the TOYS are GREAT!!! (Child labor, not so bad either ha ha, KIDDING!!!!)

  4. A great plan! And for great reasons!




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