Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I wanna know....

So, among the various blogs I read this week a real life Fairy (with baby dust and all) told me that it is International Blog Delurking Week!

I know you're out there reading this, at least I have faith that you're out there reading this and I am not sending my thoughts and feelings out into the nothingness obis of the internet.

Let's decipher what lurker is. No it isn't a stalker. I am a lurker, I have a few blogs I read that I don't comment on. Not because I don't care what the writer is saying or that I am hiding the shadows of the internet, but because I don't have anything to say. It isn't like you can post a comment that says "No Comment", just so the author knows you are there. Plus, wouldn't that be a bit harsh? I prefer to deal with it the way my mom (and I am sure yours) told me to: "If you don't have anything to say, then say nothing." (yes, I edited the "nice" part... because that really doesn't apply).

So come clean.. Tell me why your here, what you like or dislike about the blog, how you found me.. or just say "Hi!".

Happy International Blog Delurking Week!!


  1. :) I just stumbled on your blog today. I checked out my friends in FF and saw that you had a blog... Go figure... yes, I feel like no one reads mine either and so I don't post very often at all. I haven't read past todays post, but I plan on skimming through it all. Hope you're having a nice 2010 so far! ~Heather

  2. Hi Maddie,

    (sheepish wave)

    This is maidinthesouth from the WTE TTC and Fertility Treatments board. I was a lurker there too for a looooong time. I lurk primarily on The Nest's adoption board now.

    Take care! (retreats back to anonymity).

  3. Hey Maddie!
    Not sure if you remember me, I was MaybeBaby61 on WTE. I've been reading your blog for a while, and I admit I am a lurker on many a blog!

    Hope all is well!!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Hey maddie! I may be a stalker not a lurker, as we know each other in other venues.....but I am here and cheering you on :)

  5. Hey Maddie - I'm Kelly1820 from WTE May 2009 board. I followed your "story" on the WTE TTC and FT boards praying for your BFP. I feel like such a stalker finding you on here, but I just can't wait to see you and your hubby get your much deserved baby!

  6. :-) *hi* Oooohhh...I get to be a real life FAIRY. I like that. Now if only I had a magic wand and all that....

    I love delurking week...

  7. HI, I remember you from the WTE boards way back when we were tcc back in Sept. We are still trying and praying for our miracle so you have company. I noticed a link to your blog so I came to check it out a few weeks ago. Thanks for being so strong for the rest of us.


  8. Hi! This is Cheryl, MidkiffFamily on WTE. I just started following about a week ago, slowly reading backwards. I have a blog too, but haven't updated it in a while.

    One of these days I will blog & follow you!


  9. Hi! I'm Chloe from WTE. I enjoy your blog, and may comment at some point. These days, though, I comment so much on your wte posts that commenting here too would make for near-constant dialogue! Anyway, yes: I certainly appreciate what you have to say!

  10. I'm a lurker on lots of blogs :) I like reading yours and hearing the journey, but I don't comment much because I don't have anything of value to add except (((huggs)))


  11. I noticed you on the TTC boards a couple years ago and more recently, the Grief and Loss boards on WTE (about adoption). Every once in a while, I search for you on WTE to see how you're doing (boy, I sound really stalkerish!). I always hope that one of these times, I'm going to stumble across your screen name, click your name and discover at long last, a child is blessed to have you as a mother.

  12. Maddie, I read your blog ALL the TIME! ha! I love it.. but sometimes I have nothing to say!
    BTW.. this is Adriana from WTE! ;)



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