Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why does it matter?

Sometimes I wonder, why we are even bothering continuing our TTC efforts. I am fairly convinced that we won't conceive.. EVER. But we are still trying, and I am still addicted to be obsessed with my FF chart.

So here is this month's chart... it shows my Ovulation on Cycle Day 13.. my temps are bit higher than normal this cycle, but I assume it's because of the weather:

Now we have this month's chart with a different setting (FF's Advanced setting .. the "suggested setting"), but it pushes out my Ovulation to CD14, and I have compared it using my Coverline and Ovulation date with my only cycle that went Triphasic (2nd higher thermal shift during the Luteal Phase, which can, but doesn't always, indicate pregnancy):

And finally, I have changed my settings to Research, which puts Ovulation on CD10 (a bit closer to my normal O date) and again it is compared to the Triphasic Cycle:

So here I am obsessing over when I may have ovulated.. not because I might be pregnant (although that would be nice), but because I can't stand not knowing when the heck the witch will make her appearance!

Anyone out there have any insight?


  1. Hey--so what is up with the "research" status? I had to manually override mine this cycle because I was running a temp for about 5 or 6 days prior to "O". I'm on CD30/15DPO (average cycle=30 days) CP is high, which is odd for me, but with the drop in temp this a.m., I figure AF will be a day late. I don't have any insight, I checked your chart earlier today and that's a great little curve you've got going. I know, it's just too early to tell (don't you just love that answer, I get it all the time).

  2. i have a bit of an addiction to changing the settings.. i think you have to be a VIP for the Research setting to appear. But you can try "Advanced", "Fertility Awareness" (which if your checking your CP/CM should work), "Research" (not sure what it does.. usually it gives me the same O as Advanced, but not this cycle), and "OPK/Fertility Monitor".
    The curve is definitely out of the ordinary that is for sure, but it is still VERY early!

  3. those charts always confused me! lol! sorry i can't help you!

  4. Maddie,
    I found your blog on what to I am very inspired by your writings and it is helping me on my own journey. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over a year with no luck and I am trying to stay positive, but it is so hard. Thanks for your blog. It really helps to read that someone else is going through this too.



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