Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Dwarves..

YAWN!!I'd love to say that am being taken over by the amazing little guys from Snow White and that they are named Happy, Grumpy, Doc.. yada, yada, but In reality I only have one visiting me. Sleepy.

I could throw in a few more names, but they don't really exist in Snow White's world. I am so awfully exhausted right now. It started about 2pm this afternoon.. I just really wanted to nap on my keyboard. Unfortunately, my office has a wall of windows that have a lovely view of the hallway. **this is not my office**Maybe I could buy some blinds? And then an afternoon nap with cookies and milk wouldn't be so horrible of an offense? I could even solicit HR into make it part of our corporate policy... It could be part of an Anti-Stress program. Health Insurance companies love that stuff, won't it bring down our premiums?

Anyway, of course this exhaustion has me confused.. I slept wonderfully last night. Actually the past two days, I haven't remembered shutting off my alarm or that it even woke me up.SNOOZE! I end up waking up confused, because I can see that the alarm is on, but I didn't remember hearing it or even hitting the snooze button. So I pop the BBT in my mouth and lay there, waiting for the beeping to begin (from the BBT and the alarm). Well, this morning's BBT wasn't what I'd want to see, it was like I rolled the dice and landed on a Chute (from Chutes and Ladders)... darn it.. back to the beginning.. climb, climb, climb. Now I have to wonder if tomorrow I'll land on another Chute or manage to climb a ladder and win this never ending game.


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  2. Sooo sorry to see the plummet this morning. That was a beautiful chart until this point. I'm praying for you today. I wonder why I continue the BBT thing too. I think until my March appt. I'll still temp in order to provide some solid data to my GYN. I should have been doing it since July. But whatever, I didn't. I'm ready to throw in the towel with the thermometer myself and head into the halls of "adoptive parent." We'll see!!! Lifting you up today.

  3. Thank you.. I don't know why I do it either.. considering it confusing the heck out of me! LOL!! but when I have a nice "clean" chart I really like knowing when to expect AF. Is that odd.. not even for TTC purposes, but just knowing that "yah, around the 12th its probably not a good idea to wear white pants or plan a romantic weekend." :D

  4. Hi Maddie,
    I was tracking referral sites for my business website and was linked to your blog. First off, thanks for linking the picture you used to my website. has had a lot of traffic as a result. Secondly, I too have struggled with TTC including BBT, IVF, planning to adopt and know the stress it creates in all facets of life. I'm glad to have found you, and will start to follow your journey to parenthood. Let me know if you ever need interior design work!



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