Friday, March 26, 2010

Procrastination and Postponing

I am a PRO(fessional)CRASTINATOR!!

This week I had intended (keyword) to have the house cleaned and my homework done (eek.. I have a 12 page paper due on Sunday), so that the Home Study would go smoothly on Saturday and that we could fun stuff this weekend (rather than housework and homework).  Yah, that so didn't happen. 

Are you ready for my list of reasons... er um.. excuses?

the lovely weather has caused me pain...
I have a migraine for the past few days, my shoulder is tense (which I assume is the contributing factor for the migraine), and my knee (that I had surgery on, back in 2006) is really sore too! Basically, I feel like I am ancient.

i am mentally exhausted from work...
Recently I switched over to a different practice group for the law firm (normally I deal with real estate and corporate junk) to help out temporarily for the month.  I am doing things I haven't done in a long time, in a new state, with different laws and regulations.  Format of documents is pretty much consistent across the board, because most states use the federal guidelines... but procedural differences are numerous!  So I get home and I am drained, but the process and the area of law.  ughhhh... It's interesting stuff.. and I am happy to help out, but until I completely get it and know what I am doing without reaching for help... I will feel like I am swimming upstream all day.. so when I get home all I want to do is NOTHING!

So there it is why I haven't checked off anything on my list.. and no my house isn't a disaster, but it isn't exactly up to par for the KGB's inspection.  Which, is actually postponed.  Bummer!! Well, maybe not, I could use the extra time to do what I was supposed to do all week!  Clean my bedroom, Clean the T's room, Clean the dog cages, Clean the bathrooms, Clean the laundry room, Organize the garage, Tidy up the guest rooms, and Tidy up the kitchen.  Yeah, that list is long.. but it shouldn't take long.  I really need to set a cleaning/organizing schedule for myself.  So.. we are rescheduled for Monday, April 5th at 5:00pm


  1. hope the weather clears up and you start feeling better!!

  2. I *always* get migraines when the weather changes at the beginning of spring. This year was no exception. So I'm right with you as far as that goes...

    It'll likely get better soon. I hope so!!


  3. I hope everything went great yesterday!



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