Monday, March 22, 2010

I wish...

We could all spend some time in someone else's shoes, because it never ceases to amaze me how much we take for granted or whine about on a regular basis.  For example, I relentessly complain about my subfertility or the perceived (yes, he is a big help) lack of help from P, but the reality is that I wouldn't change my life or its path for a minute.  Yes, there are days when it is overwhelming!  There are days, when I can't find myself able to laugh off the stuff that I usually brush under the rug.  Those days, I wish life were easier than it is, but later I realize that if it were easier... if just one hurdle wasn't as high or as difficult, I never would have learned the lessons of how sweet life truly is.

This week I have been quite reflective (probably because of being assinged to help out the family law group -- d.i.v.o.r.c.e) and even a bit mushy (go ahead and squirm!).  Funny thing is that P. has even noticed my overly affectionate behavior.

♥  I have a warm and caring husband,
whom I can't imagine my life without him, he brings me up and supports me. 

♥  I have an amazing younger sister,
who is always available to listen and give sound advice or a comforting word.

♥  I have beautfiul friends,
who may not be close in distance but are always close to my heart.

♥  I have a loving family,
a network of people whom may or may not be related by blood,
but who always are willing to share their hearts.

There are days, when just having empathy for another is enough to realize that the path you may be on, isn't the one you would have necessarily chosen but its definitely worth the ride.  I am excited for the new adventures to come our way, and am blessed that I can share them.  Life has its ups and downs, but those sweet moments would definitely be less memorable without the lemons.

Okay enough of the "life lessons"... Home Study is Saturday!! I am a ball of emotions.. scared, nervous, excited, giddy (yes, still giddy), and dreading the amount of cleaning that needs to get done!

Anyone up for a visit.. I could use some help!?!?


  1. Well said, Maddie.

    Lots of luck on the Home Study! Not that you need it - you guys are perfect to be parents!

  2. Great post! Positive wishes for your home study!



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