Friday, March 5, 2010

Sprucin' it up...

So, the room we'll be using as the "Tyke's Room" is pretty bland, blah, and boring (see below).
I'd like to "Spruce" it up a bit, but I am not sure how or what to do, because I obviously want it to be "unisex" and fit a wide age range of children (infant to 6 years old).  I am not a fan of wallpaper or even wallpaper borders (although the house does have some of this stuff, its only because it was there when it we bought it -- it will come down... eventually).  I already have a vast supply of paint colors in the house (being it was the model home we got all the extra interior paint that was used in the home... lime green, hot pink, orange, yellow, light gray, dark gray, navy blue, gold, tan, beige and a few others). 

I think I want to keep it very "neutral"... the room is already beige.. so maybe adding some tan to it?!?  And I think I want it on this wall, because the other wall has these GORGEOUS wooden shevles.

So here are some photos that I found, of a few possiblities for the wall (I'll be doing whatever in tan and beige though):


So, do any of you have any other ideas that might work?  I don't want to do anything too extravagant and honestly, would like to use what I have in the house (why spend money when you don't have to, right?).  But I would like your input if you know of something that I haven't though of.

P.S. I added a "Checklist" of sorts to the tabs.  It includes our licensing requirements for foster care and some things that were reccomended by other foster parents that we might want to get prior to having our first placement.


  1. You could just paint that one wall tan and then when you know who Tyke is, you and Tyke can pick out some decals to make it Tyke's own. That way you can also change it if Tyke's tastes change or if Tyke leaves and it becomes Tyke-ette's room.

  2. Sage is very gender neutral and would look wonderful with the tan.

  3. I like green (like the one on you blog) with neutrals. Then when you find out the gender pink and purples go great with this as do blue and browns. And you can add that in by little decorations like pillows, curtains, wall hangings, stuffed animals or throw blankets. You could even make some or all of these things yourself and give it a personal touch. Keep it simple that way it can be changed and will be less of an expense. Keeping it simple makes the room feel more comforting and calm. Kind Regards, Kimmy

  4. I would suggest doing a chair rail. (Like the first picture.) Then, in the future when you and P have a child of your own, you can tie in the chair rail and paint the room walls different colors. Plus, chair rail is super easy! Look it up on the DIY network website. Also, the chair rail would tie in with the other suggestion to let the older kids pick out their own decals so the room can be 'their' while they are with you. Just a suggestion! :o)

  5. green is always a good color and it goes great with blue or pink! :)

  6. I really like the one with the stripes!! You obviously wouldn't have use the same colors, but the concept is great. <3

  7. All those ideas look cool. Maybe horizontal stripes would work too. And there's always vinyl wall words or wall art.

    Have fun!

  8. I always like chair rail. The colors above and below can always be changed. I like a tan combo b/c then you could always add pictures, etc, to make it gender specific later. We did Audri's room with chair rail and I really like how it looks.



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