Monday, March 8, 2010

Calamities & Chaos

Well, P. & spent the weekend "attempting" to "spruce up" the future Tyke (or Tykette's) room (we'll just refer to it as "the T's room" from now on).  We have settled on a paint scheme (as I said in the prior post, we have TONS of paint in the basement and also have the Color Chart so that I can actually figure out what each can actually contained.  As I said before I have a variety of colors (but wanted to keep the T's room in nuetral tones.. browns, tans, begie.. bland basically, but still better than all beige.

We decided on Sherwin Williams (that is what is in the basement) Terra Brun & Macadmia.  The trim is already white, so we are going leave it as is, but add a chair rail on most of the walls, except one which will have stripes of the Brown & Beige colors.  I got to play with Sherwin Williams Visualizer (you can upload a photo and tape it off to show the color scheme.  The paint colors aren't exact, but still you can get the jist of what it will look like (hopefully, we can do a better job than I did in the editor):
Of course, as with any "do it yourself" home project, we had our issues....  the wall that has the wooden shelves on it also had this odd board (it was painted the color of the wall, but was just odd).  So we decided to remove it, in hindsight we should have left it as is... because we ended up putting a hole in the wall.  Thankfully, patching the hole wasn't difficult because the peice of the wall was still attached, so we pulled it back to being flush and patched it.  And then we thought it'd be a great idea to use a spray gun (you know like professional painters do?)... except there was one minor major problem.  We are not professionals... we are not even capable of being ametuers.  Using a spray painter means that you have to do A LOT of prep work... lots of taping and covering (we didn't do that)... so now we have overspray on the upper half of the wall.  Thankfully, I hadn't painted that portion... so that'll get completed this coming weekend.

Despite our "calamities" it was actually fun to get the room started.  So here's to putting the proverbial "cart before the horse" and purchasing a few items... here and there, to get the room ready for any future T's. 


  1. Those "calamaties" are what keep life interesting. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. I am guessing you guys are more handy than we are....looking forward to seeing the end results!

  3. We have a really nice sprayer. It uses WAY more paint than rolling, and add in the prep work and you're not going to save time over rolling. We used the sprayer on the ceilings and trim (all white) then we taped around the ceiling and rolled the walls. In the end, the sprayer was awesome in the living room (vaulted ceiling). The bedrooms and media room were easy to spray because we had pulled up the flooring and removed the trim to install new floors once the painting was over.

    We're DONE painting at our house. Good luck with your painting. Can't wait to see finished pics!

  4. I love it! It will look great when done! Any idea when they may place a little tyke with you?

  5. Thanks Ladies!! I might change up the "accent wall", we'll see.

    Linds - we still have to be assigned a case worker, and once that happens licensing is 6-8 weeks... then you wait for a placement (which sadly means that some mommy and/or daddy made a boo-boo).



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