Thursday, March 11, 2010

Giddy Up!!

Well, its time to put on the saddle and get ready for the adventure to begin!!  Last night I received a phone call from our Case Worker, we'll call her KGB (heheheee, her initials have some of those letters, so it works, right and she is "investigating" us), to set up our Initial Home Study!  Yup that's right, there is more than one, actually they continue even after you are licensed. 

The Home Studies help to ensure that no changes have been made to the home (because the home is what determines how many children you can take in at once.. and just so it's clear we only want one... we need some "practice" before we take on more than that).  Those changes could or could not impact the capicity of the home and possible its safety, so its a good thing they check things out.  From what I understand, KGB won't be going through my drawers and closets, but just checking for standard safety items: Smoke Alarms in each room, Medicines locked up or put on high shelves out of reach, Household Cleaners locked up or put on high shelves out of reach, Adequate space for the child (40 sq. ft. per child per bedroom), Dresser/Bureau/Armoire/Closet space for storage of the child's belongings, and Overall cleaniness (not eat off the floor clean).  Sample Home Evaluation Checklist  The Michigan DHS website also has a list of Product Recalls (I checked  we don't own anything on the list).

So needless to say.. the next few weekends will be busy getting this prepped, prepared, and cleaned for the Home Study on March 27th!  And of course I am as GIDDY AS A SCHOOL GIRL!!  I'll post pics of our progress.  I am hoping to have the T's Room painted and the toddler bed assembled this weekend.  Still deciding on that accent wall though... I thought I wanted to do the stripes, but I am having second thoughts.  Another "hurdler" posted some pics of their nursery and I really liked the diamonds that they did. We would do it a bit differently...  tan wall with dark brown diamonds, but I like how it would fit in with the chair rail and look a little less masculine.  Although, two of my besties have said they like the stripes better... I'll take your votes into account too.


  1. WOOHOO!
    So happy for you! Congrats! Can't wait to see the progress you make.
    Yay! (Seriously, SO happy for you!)

  2. YAY! This is so exciting! How soon as this initial home study might they place a child with you?

  3. Linds - well we will still have a few hoops to jump through after the initial home study.. background check, medical evaluations, references, water/sewer examination, 2nd home study (this process could take up to 6 months). and then the placement is just a matter of someone making a boo-boo.. so it could be the weekend of licensing or a year later.

  4. woot! It must be nice to see some progression though, and know what is coming. I can't wait to hear about your initial eval! <3



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