Saturday, March 13, 2010

Share and Tell

There are a few blogs that I frequent, most are about adoption, infertility, pregnancy, families, and even just life.  Today I wanted to "share and tell" about an blog dedicated to not for profit "Parenthood For Me".  E. started her non-profit after her own battles with infertility and writes the blog to help with that effort (she is an amazing women, whom I may never meet IRL, but am blessed to follow her journey, share her moments, and support her efforts through the connection of the web).

This morning I read her blog and had to share, because the struggles of infertility/conception shouldn't be kept in the dark.  So, please take a few minutes out of this gloomy, rainy Saturday and head on over to E.'s latest blog post "Our Fertility Is Not A Guarantee".  Also, please check out her non-profit at and another amazing non-profit

As for my weekend.... I'll be busy with some homework, exams, reading, housework, a little shopping, and of course finishing up the T's Room!!  Might as well do something productive and fun when being outside isn't possible!

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