Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feet, firmly, on the Ground

In the past few weeks (sorry I've been away) we've had our 2nd & 3rd Home Studies!  Mainly because we didn't finish our questionnaire on the second visit.  They ask LOTS of personal questions ....
  • What our childhood experiences were like
  • What our parents' discipline techniques were
  • What type of relationship we have with our parents and siblings
  • If we had any "significant" past relationships (other than our spouse)
  • Any history of violence and/or drug/alchohol abuse
  • Medical history
  • Knowledge of child development
  • Our goals as a couple and as a family
  • The role religion plays in our lives
It really is only an 8 page form, but the answers get quite detailed as the KGB would ask for additional informaiton or further clarification on our answers.  Plus, it was really casual... which also made it hard for me not to answer sarcastically.  Like "What are your goals as a couple?" .... I honestly had to bite my tounge, because although the answer is "to stay married, enjoy life together"... my sarcastic side wants to say "ummm.. get a divorce and marry up".  I know that I could have answered that, because she gets that I have a sarcastic personality - because when she leaves she asks if she can use the bathroom and I tell her "NO". I can't help it... it just comes out!

Anyway, I have one last thing to do on my end... send our Physical Exam forms to our family doctor to have him fill them out and submit them to the KGB for review.  I honestly think I am going to miss her... she is only our placement worker and once we are licensed we'll have a new case worker.  But KGB is down to earth and knows that we are doing this because we have the room in our home and our hearts.

We honestly haven't made much progress on the T's Room... but that'll come.  I would love to run out and buy things that seem common sense, but at the same time don't want to spend the money on car seats and what not if we only need booster seats.  Geez... why does this stuff have to cost soo much money?!?!

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