Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finger.painting and Rorschach Test

Last night we had our finger.painting, er umm... printing, done. 

I've had to have fingerprints done quite a few times in my life (no I am not some sort of criminal that gets arrested on the regular - first of all if that were the case I wouldn't be in the field I am in, and secondly there'd be no way we'd be doing foster care).  I've had them done mainly for jobs well actually always for jobs.  First when I worked at a casino, then for a daycare, then the banks... The first time I had them done it was with blank ink that I swear took a week to get off my hands, it was awful... and worse I swear the guy doing the prints was trying to create a Rorschach (you know those pictures of ink spots that you're supposed to figure out what the picture is of) with my prints.  And more recently its been with this purple ink that supposedly doesn't stain (yah, okay), and yesterday it was with water. 

Yes, you read that right.. W.A.T.E.R.  The "fingerprint specialist" (yes, this is the actual job title) sprayed water on our hands and fingers and placed them on a scanner.  She took an image of our fingers, thumbs, then she rolled each finger.  It was actually kinda cool, the software used for the fingerprinting actually scores the image (the goal is a 75 for readability, but she said she aims for a 100... although she's only ever gotten a 99 for a "high score").  For whatever reason both of us had an issue with our pinky fingers, when she rolled them.. the score showed like a 99 or 97 and the system kept saying to "reject" them.  She ended up overriding the system because she said they were "perfect" prints.  The process itself was pretty quick, I think for the both of us maybe 20 minutes?! 

We still have a few more things to do, prior to the final homestudy on Saturday... we need a carbon monoxide detector, have to finish filling out our application, I still need to submit our medical authorization to our doctor (I've been busy at work, hence writing this blog at 9:30 pm), yada, yada... but it'll all get done.

On a side note, my friend over at Quaken Baby, is also going through Foster Care/Adoption and just completed her P.R.I.D.E. Training - CONGRATS!!  She also found this great podcast website all about Foster Care called Foster Parenting Podcast, they have been featuring a couple, from Mick-i-gin (like my husband and I... well we aren't FROM Mick-i-gin.. we do live here though), named D&K (for short) that completed their home study in December of 2009.  Please check out both these sites.. I know that you'll enjoy them, as much as I do!!

P.S. wish me luck on keeping my foot out of my mouth on Saturday


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that your feet stay firmly on the floor!

  2. LOL another Kate.....

    Anyway, wanted to wish you luck on Saturday. You will be great and everything will be perfect, no need to worry. Can I steal the link for the foster parent podcast for my blog?

  3. Yes, of course.. please pass on the link!!

  4. The digital prints are one way of being sure the first time is the last time! We did black ink here, and THANKFULLY, they were good. We had two couples that had to re-do theirs.

    Spread the link to everyone! I love wasting my time at work on the foster parent forums and listening to podcasts!

  5. WATER?! Well that's a (nice) and recent change. Ours were done with black ink at the police station (for the local prints) then we had to go to Charlotte and I think those were digital.

    LOVE your graphic of the water drops baby feet!

  6. Wow Maddie! what a journey!! I wish you all the luck in the world!
    You certainly deserve the best!



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