Friday, May 21, 2010

Pins and Needles... a finish line?

So, I should be a pro at doctor's appointments, right?  I mean a year and a half of my life was practically spent at a Fertility Clinic, monthly blood tests, daily self induced needle pokes, and of course the prodding of the U/S to check out the insides.  But after having almost a year off from it... I forgot what it was like.

I had my TB test on Monday morning and some blood work done.  "back in da day" none of it would've created a second thought... wake up at 6am.. go to fertility clinic... get blood drawn for pregnancy test... go to work/home... wait for call.... receive call... results are negative.  In this case... waiting 48 hours for the TB results... I am happy to say.. "its negative"! 

So both P and I have submitted our medical forms and we are just waiting on Pennsylvania to mail their background check back to the agency.  So here we are... standing so close to the finish line that we can see it.. just still so far away.

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  1. I had my TB test the other day too and I thought....WOW! THAT HURTS!....I had blood drawn the other day and it was a walk in the park to a little TB test that burned like crazy. I guess it is all in the technique.



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