Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Sunday!

I realize that today is a "holiday of sorts", and that every blogger out there that has a has blog on similar "Hurdles" posted something about this "holiday of sorts".   I say "holiday of sorts", because the reality is that this day is basically valentine's day for our mom's.  And the other bit of that reality is that on the day in which our dad's are to be given the same sort of graditude and thankfullness, as big of a deal isn't made.  Maybe this isn't true for everyone.  In fact, I am grateful for both of my parents... equally.  And I tell them regularly, that I love them, and appreciate them, and that they were wonderful parents, and that they are still wonderful parents.  That I know that I can count on both of them to be there for me.. no matter what.

This isn't a day in which the "mom's in waiting" or the "someday mom's" shouldn't celebrate.  So what if you aren't celebrating with your child... you too are a child... and you should celebrate the wondferul blessings that your mother gave to you.  

The time she spent teaching you talk, teaching you walk.  The boo-boos she kissed to make you feel better.  The days coming home to a warm cookie and tall glass of milk, in which all your troubles were quickly swept away.  The days that she still loved you, even when you told you her that you didn't feel the same.  The days when she tried to kiss you goodbye, and you turned your cheek.  The days when she yelled at you to clean your room.  Or the chores that you "taught" to do. 

So today, enjoy the day with your mom... rather, thinking about when your day will be.  Because the truth is that it is here.  Today is your day!!  You are a nurturing, caring and loving woman... because of your mom!

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