Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sometimes you just have to


  Countdown: Full Day 6 of a 14 day Respite Placement

Basically that means, not sleeping well and getting up a few times in the middle of the night for some cuddling.  And last night was one of "those" nights.  Aarron just couldn't manage to soothe himself.. he'd kick and thrash, but wasn't able to put himself back to sleep.  A quick feeding at 2:30am with some cuddling, another cuddle session at 5:30am, another feeding at 6:15am and he's still making lots of noise in his crib.  He's not warm or ill... just wanting some loving.  But boy am I exhausted (but enjoying the extra cuddle/alone time with him).

There really isn't much too much going on.. other than napping/playing/eating/sleeping/bathing... well and giggling.. we get lots of giggles!!  Yesterday P. was sticking his tounge out at Aarron (basically making silly faces) to get a nice belly laugh going and instead he sticks his tounge out at P.!!  What a smart little dude!!

Daycare is going well.. he comes home happy and wired!  Yesterday he didn't nap at all while we were making dinner.  Just wanted us to talk to him and hold him (not exactly an easy feat when you are trying to chop a salad), instead we opted for the bouncy seat and some conversation... well I conversed and he giggled.


  1. You both sound like all is well.
    O PA

  2. so great...typical mommyhood...tired but happy.



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