Thursday, August 5, 2010

School House RockS

Countdown: Full Day 7 of a 14 day Respite Placement

So the School House ROCKS (aka Day Care).. I told you all that I know he is LOVING it there!!  I dropped off Aarron at day care this morning and was pleasantly informed that yesterday he.... rolled over.. from front to bak.. and from back to front (not at the same time).  Apparently he was doing some tummy time and just pushed himself right over onto his back.. and was schocked by the movement!!  I know that he gets close to rolling from back to front (he does this rocking motion to calm himself down), but hadn't actually seen him roll over.  Oh well, I missed that first, but it still nice to know he can do it!  He's just checking them off as each day passes!!

As for the length of this placement it seems like it might a little longer than the original estimate of two weeks (happy dance for me!!).  I have scheduled a well baby visit for him on Tuesday and he also has a hearing appointment at Children's Hospital next week.  I don't think there is a problem with his hearing, because the dogs barking wake him up during his naps (unless he is totally passed out!).

I We are really enjoying having him around.  He is really such an easy going little guy. 


  1. So glad your first placement is going well! How long did it get extended?

  2. The extension is kinda up in the air. All I know is that he will be with us next Friday (at least), so basically I just wait for a phone call telling me otherwise.



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