Monday, August 9, 2010

13 weeks and...

Countdown:  Full Day 11 of a 14 day Respite Placement

Everytime Aarron looks at me I swear this is what he is thinking.. he even has the "Happy Bunny" grin and all!!  We've had quite a few restless nights the past few days.  He has decided that the best place to be at all times and even to sleep is in my arms.  Yah, basically not the most comfortable place for me! 

Tonight, I tried something a bit different... I downloaded an MP3 of a heartbeat (the CD also has a washing machine, hair dryer, and a few other "soothing sounds" -- okay.. an electric razor will not soothe me, but infants have an odd sense of what is "soothing").  So as I type I can hear the heartbeat on the baby monitor.  And I even put him to bed while he was awake... GASP!! (he was nodding off in my arms before I laid him down) He got a bit cranky after spitting out his pacifier.. so I went back up to his bedroom, gave him his pacifier back.  And turned up the volume on the CD player. -- knock on wood -- after an hour he is soundly sleeping.  Stay Tuned for how the night actually goes....


  1. Gorgeous! Wish I would have thought of that back in the days that Ollie would only sleep in my arms. But having them sleep in your arms is a wonderful thing too. Are you getting an extension with him? I remember you saying you might get him for longer.

  2. we used a white noise machine all the time in the early months. that, along with the vibrating thing on the side of the bassinet put her out almost instantly.

  3. I once read the best way to get a fussy baby to nap is to put them in their bouncer/car seat and run the dishwasher. The swoosh sounds like the womb!



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