Thursday, August 12, 2010


Conclusion of 13 Weeks.... The heartbeat MP3, worked like a charm.  He calmly went back to sleep in his crib after his middle of the night feeding/diaper change. YIPPEE!!  I played it on a loop so that he heard it all night long and as a result cuddling was a non-issue.

So on Tuesday night, I had the brilliant idea to play Lullaby by Jewel for him, on a loop.. her voice is soothing so I thought maybe it wasn't necessarily the heartbeat that kept him calm and relaxed, but the "presence" of another person.  BAD IDEA!!  As if I hadn't learned before, don't fix what isn't broken!! He slept awfully!!  Which meant that I slept awfully!!

Moving onto last night.. Wednesday night, I returned to the Heartbeat MP3 on a loop.. and AHHHHH!!! He slept through the night... he woke up twice but went to back sleep on his own.  Well, the first time I changed his diaper and during the process he fell back asleept.  The second wake up, he just kinda whined for bit, sucked on his fingers and soothed himself back to sleep until.. WAIT FOR IT...

7:00 AM!!

On another note.. our Respite Placement has become a Semi-Permanent Placement.  Baby "A"arron will be with us until reunification with his siblings can occur.  There will be a PPC (Permancy Placement Conference) to discuss the living arrangements for the children in the near future.


  1. Never mess with what works!! lol

    It's something with the white noise vs. music. Audri has one that goes all night that has a heartbeat with waves crashing, which means I also go to sleep with that since I hear it through the monitor!

    Do you have an idea of how much longer you would have until reunification? Enjoy the time with him!

  2. That's wonderful! Both the sleeping AND the semi-permanent placement. So happy you have more time with him!



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