Monday, August 16, 2010


I am Frustrated, Aggrevated, and Irked!! 

I can't even put into words how annoyed I am at this very moment.  The system is failing.. the system most likely has been failing, but considering this is my first venture into it... it is broken and needs some serious foundation repair.

Foster Children in our state (well in most states) receive free Medicaid as their insurance.  Now that Baby "A"arron is staying with us longer, I attempted to make a "well baby visit" for him.. yes ATTEMPTED

It was scheduled, and then cancelled by his initial doctor (because of an Unexpected Emergency Meeting a.k.a. GOLF! -- at least that is what call one those meetings), then I got him in for another appointment at a different office.  He also had an ENT appointment at the Children's Hospital, because he had failed his initial hearing test... well I called the ENT to get the details.. oh "the appointment needs to be rescheduled"... UGGHH!  Then I get a call from the Pedi's Office.. the baby's insurance lists a PCP (Primary Care Provider) and it needs to be changed prior to the appointment.  I then called the insurance company... wait, it gets better.. I am not listed as his guardian so I can't change his PCP!  Now he can't attend the appointment... So, I call the agency to explain of these little "problems" only to find out that he has a Medicaid HMO and shouldn't have an HMO, he should have straight medicaid which does not require a PCP be listed.

Talk about a HOLE instead of Crack in the foundation!  Not sure how or when any of this will be fixed, but hopefully soon.. this poor little guy needs to have a well baby visit!


  1. Navigating the Medicaid system in itself is a fulltime job. Better yet trying to parent these children! They denied my little girl's new eye glasses for school this fall! So that meant $100 out of our pockets (stipend, but still). Like I am somehow making up the fact that she can't see to watch TV, better yet LEARN!?! We had an RX, and they paid for the eye doctor appointment! She loved the glasses she picked, there was no way I was telling her she would just have to wear the old ones.

  2. yep, the government loves to make things difficult.



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