Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This past weekend was a full on

We welcomed Baby "A"'s older sisters Little Girl "B" (2 years old) and Big Girl "C" (4 years old) (remember the children are being named like the storms... the first placement is A, second is B, and so on.... these are not their real names), for a visit with their baby brother. 

Prior to the visit we had the PPC (Permanancy Placement Conference) with the girl's father, paternal grandmother, foster sisters and foster mother.  The point of the conference was to discuss the girls' behavior and how to best meet their needs.  Many things were discussed, mostly about Little Girl "B"'s behavior and how AWFUL it was -- temper tantrums, cussing, yelling, hitting, kicking (what sounded to me and the case worker like typical 2 year old behaviors -- aka boundary testing).

The weekend was crazy (I will blog later about specific instances), busy, tiring, and fun.  The girls showed improvement in their manners from Friday to Sunday.  P. and I sat down Sunday evening and evaluated the weekend....  based on that discussion, we have decided that we have the abilities, the support, and the love to be able to give the girls and the baby a stable home, until reuinification with their biological family is possible.

This Friday I will pick up the girls to take them to our home.  Wish us Luck!!

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