Wednesday, August 25, 2010

funny tails

I am going to start a new series as part of the blog, entitled "funny tails".  I am realizing that I will always have a some random/funny story about my time with the girls (they are at that age, when you never know what will happen).

For the children's and their bio family's privacy I am still continuing with the "name them based on their placement # -- like the hurricanes".   Therefore, the 2 year old will be known as (here on the interwebz)  Little Girl "B"ella and the 4 year old will be referred to as (again here on the interwebz) Big Girl "C"indy (she LOVES Cinderella).

funny tails

Saturday afternoon I had the girls take a "nap", I told them that they didn't have to sleep they just needed to rest and have "quiet time".  I was then told that their current home doesn't make them take naps (this actually came up alot during their visit.. "we don't got to" or "we tan have tautlate (chocolate)"). 

We had new carpet installed that day, so the family room was a disaster and the furniture needed to go back into place.  The girls did stay in bed for an hour, which gave us an opportunity to put the family room back together.  Upon completion I heard some noise from their bedroom... I ventured up the stairs only to find that "B"ella had an accident.. I really accident .. she pooped her pants (soo gross) and "C"indy kept say "dat's nasty!".  Poor thing was visible upset by the accident. :(  I told her that she needed to help me clean up the mess and that we would wash her underwear and shorts in the toilet (cloth diaper style).  She gladly obliged and we managed to get them clean (although she did get a bit upset she didn't see her underwear because they were covered by the suds and she thought they got flushed down the toilet).  I then got her cleaned up and changed into a new outfit and we ran an errand with P. and Baby Boy "A"arron.

Later that evening when it was bedtime and Little Girl "B"ella had to go potty (which she is capable of doing on her own, except washing her hands -- she can't reach the sink, we'll need to get her a step stool for that).  I finished helping "C"indy get ready for bed and out pops "B"ella handing me SOPPING WET shorts!  I mean they were drenched!!  I asked her what happened if she had an accident and she said "just a wittle".  So I checked her undies and they were dry.. Obviously I was perplexed... I walked into the bathroom and there was water on the floor.  I asked her if she had washed her shorts in the potty and she said "yah, they got a wittle pee on them".  Then I had to explain that washing stuff in the potty was only for when there was poopy in them.  But at least she wanted to do the right thing and has the potential to learn new behaviors.  She can't possible be as bad as what I was told after that "Funny Tail".

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