Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yes, our lives have RAPIDLY changed but not as drastically as you would think.  Our "typical" (aka prior to our foster children) weekends consisted of going out to dinner, homework, errands, chores and maybe even a fire with some vino (or beer or some other tasty beverage) on the patio.  This past weekend really wasn't that much different... except we had 3 kids in tow.

Friday afternoon I picked up the girls from the agency and "Cindy" nearly knocked me over when she ran towards me to give me a hug.  They both asked, over and over again, how long they were staying with us, if it was for One Day, Two Days, Free Days, the Whole Week or Forever.  I told them that would stay the WHOLE WEEK and then the next week, and the next week.  I really don't know how to explain that it will be until at least December (when their permanancy hearing is), because I think that in their minds that would Forever

Friday night we had dinner (which the girls ate fairly well -- BBQ Chicken, Stuffing, and Sugar Snap Peas) and then we let them roast marshmellows... they were absolutely excited about the prospect of going outside in their pajamas and then "helping" P. roast the marshmellows.  They each had one GIANT marshmellow and then washed up for bedtime.

Saturday we spent the day at the outlets to get some new clothes/shoes for the girls (they came with shoes that were too small! and some clothes that have been now designated as "play clothes").  Then we went to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack... mmmmm seafood (even if it is frozen, its still yummy).  They behaved pretty well, I think they were overly excited to be at a restaurant other than McD's.  After we hit the grocery store.. at this point I think "Bella" had had enough of the shopping day, and just couldn't keep her hands to herself.  We even attempted to bribe good behavior by showing them a toy they could "earn" if they behaved.  Hahahaa!! Yah they SOO did not end up with toys!  Then we got home, had bathtime and then bedtime.

Sunday was an AMAZING day!  "Bella" was absolutely wonderful at church.. she used her "quiet voice" and sat still (on my lap).  Afterwards we let them sit down and have apple juice and talk to the other children for their good behavoir, while we talked to the adults.  We then met up with a friend, M., and her children at the playground for a picnic and some fun.  The girls LOVED it!!  I swear "Bella" would have let P. push her on the swings the entire time!  While "Cindy" played with M.'s 6 year son and road the big wheel (she's a bit small for it still, but she figured out how to reach the pedals all on her own).  Then it was time to go home and play in the sprinkler (it was over 90 that day! whhhewww) and afterward was dinner (grilled chicken and salad -- yah so not a fan of this one, but they ate half of it with the dressing on it), Sunday night movie (Underdog.. its actually pretty good if you haven't seen it), and bedtime.

Monday (this post sure is turning into something longer than intended) was the first day of daycare school.  The girls both did really well, so I am told.  They were even excited to go today (well, "Bella" is excited until she sees me leave.. then the pouting starts, but I am sure 10 minutes later she is happy as clam).

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  1. In our house, we only go shopping w/ pockets. We have a "put your hands in your pockets" rule if they don't stop touching things. Then we do stickers at home if we keep our hands to ourselves. I swear it works!

    You're doing great... look at us, all mommied out! :)



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