Friday, January 14, 2011

Come Out.. Come Out.. Whereever you Are!!!

So today was, is National DeLurking Day!! WHOOT WHOOT!!  You know you want to come out and comment about how you found this blog, who you are, what you like/dislike about the blog.. and what you want more of (besides my body.. I don't have that kind of energy with 4 3 foster children, a husband -- yes he was original including the children count -- 2 dogs, and a fulltime job!). 

Everything you need to know about me and my life can found at the tabs underneath the header.  My Hurdles include our history with Trying to Conceive and Fertility Treatments, Hurdling for Family lists off all of our training for Foster Care and our current foster care placements.

So OLLIE, OLLIE OXIN FREE (btw, what the heck did that ever mean.. and did I even spell it right?!?!)!!!


  1. *waving*!!! Hi I'm here!!! I think you found me first - but I am so glad you did! I have been appreciating your story and all that you are willing to share. (In case you didn't already know....) I'm a Christian birth, foster and adoptive momma - our adoption was finalized YESTERDAY!!! I am also a SAHMomma/former teacher who likes to dabble in gardening and natural living. What do I like/dislike? Don't change a thing! I love what I've read so far and like I said, I appreciate it when people are willing to share. Infertility and such are difficult topics for women to open up about. There is so much pain associated w/things like that...but by being honest and open I feel we can bring even a tiny bit of healing to each other. Anyway - thanks and 'write on'!

  2. I didn't read this on delurking day, but I'll still delurk myself now. :)

    I met you on the WTE boards when we were both TTC something like a year and a half ago and have been following your blog since. I'm now 2 months from delivering my little miracle, Zoey, and love reading all the advice you share about what's working/not working with "A"aron, "B"ella and "C"indy.

    Your wit and sarcasm always puts a smile on my face! :)

  3. Well, this is really a no brainer, lol!!
    I found your blog through your facebook page!! I am a friend of the blogger since, well Kindergarten, LOL! I LOVE your honesty!! You have a wonderful way of telling a story as well! I really had no idea what other people struggle with in getting preggers and you have opened my eyes! I have such symopothy now for women struggling with infertility! You are truely an awesome Mama in every sense of the word!!



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