Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pre-K and Parenting

I am not sure how many of you have taught a child their alphabet, numbers, colors, how to read even.. but I can assure it isn't the simplest of tasks, especially for a parent who works fulltime (not that parenting isn't a fulltime job, but when you are a SAHM, you have more than an hour an evening to work on these areas).

For me, my only source of help (other than daycare and P.) is my computer.  We have an old laptop that I have created links to various educational gaming websites and I thankfully have a SAHM for a mother who is willing to Skype with our little Pre-K'er, "C"indy and work with her on those things she is having difficulty with while I get dinner ready and P. helps with the other two.  "C"indy LOVES the one on one she is getting and it, thankfully, takes some pressure off of me.  I mean how many times can you go over the number 6 without getting bored?   A friend suggested UNO, and I think its a great idea!  He said that it will help with colors and numbers, which is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!  "B"ella needs some serious work on her colors.. everything is "Boo" or "Wed".. I don't who she thinks she is marrying and why she needs to scare them, but .. just but.

Anyway, here are some of the websites we are utilizing:
If you have any that you know of you or tricks that might be helpful.. I'd LOVE your input!


  1. My preschoolers have all loved
    =) The music is really cute!!

  2. Here is a site someone recently sent me. (As you can tell I'm catching up on your blog today, LOL!!!) I haven't used it yet, but they may enjoy it. We also use Nick Jr and Playhouse Disney (soon to be Disney Junior). Enjoy!

  3. Oh and THANK YOU fr the other suggestions!! I am book marking them for G!!



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