Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well, after living with us for what  5 1/2 months (he's 8 months old now) Baby "A"arron has formed a bond.. he is definitely attached to us and more specifically to me.. like glue!

If P. is holding him and he is content and giggly, that changes in an instant when he sees me.. arms stretched out tears and all... he wants "Momma".  I pick him up, give him a kiss on the cheek, and he turns back looks at P. and smiles!  Yes, he smiles.. he got what he wanted and it wasn't P... yes he was content with P. while I wasn't around, but if I am there.. we have our very own Baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs: 

I know that its normal, that Seperation Anxiety sets in around this age, so it isn't anything to worry about, and dropping him off at daycare he is fine.  But lately at home.. he just freaks out if I leave the room even for a minute.  Last night I put him in his walker, brought him in the kitchen with me and was able to cook dinner, granted there were tears and screams, but he calmed down.

We are also going through the lovely stage of teething (those two bottom teeth will poking through soon!), so he is in pain and only wants me. Luckily, neither are affecting his sleep.

Ahhh.. at least I know he loves me!



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