Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Life Books: Part II (the cover letter & template)

So, I know what your questions are about Life Books... What should I write in the Life Book?  What do I include?  I don't have baby pics or bio family pics, what then?

My answers... be as bland as possible when discussing why the children where in care.  I use words like "wrong choices" and "big problems" (these are direct from books I have read to my children about Foster Care and Adoption:  Maybe Days, Families Change, Kids Need to be Safe, and The Star).  Do not write specifically about what "choices" or "problems" the birth family had... these are questions that can be answered as the child asks and your answers can be suitable to the child's age (for our children with their young ages.. "big problem" suffices to squelch the curiosity).

Pictures:  Stalk social media... yup, right click and/or print screen work wonders for pictures.  Or if you still don't have anything, then have the child draw pictures if they are old enough.  And if you still come up short then you can always add artwork they've done, just to make the pages look "perty".

The big thing I like to have in my Life Books is a Cover Letter.. and Introduction to the book if you would.  Here are the links to a blanket letter and a template for a Life Book (from MixBook).

Good Luck, Enjoy, and don't be afraid to Be Creative... at best they'll have a complete book with pictures of everyone and information about them and at worst they'll have a book that documents their time with you as their Foster Family.

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