Monday, February 4, 2013

This is an older blog post, but it was shared recently by a friend and hit home (and admittedly, stung a bit too):  How to Miss a Childhood by HandsFreeMama.

What do I want my children to have as memories?  Of course some of the same things I remember... Weren't we all Wonder Woman or SuperMan at some point?  Jumping off buildings (swing sets) in a single bound?  -- okay sorry Mom and Dad, but we did jump off the barn roof too, among other things that will not be admitted to you or my children.

I just don't know where to find the time...  With 5 kids and working full time, our schedules are jam packed. And this is without extra activities, like soccer or girl scouts.  I am reluctant to even add those to my schedule.  But I am missing out on their childhood... and so are they.  I have even taken to pacifying and bribing them with video game play (the current favorite is Smurfs Dance Party for Wii), just to get other things done.

Here is a list of some favorite memories from my childhood:

  • roaming free 
  • building forts
  • blanket forts
  • playing board games
  • learning how to shuffle a deck of cards
  • getting my nails done (by my mom -- which first involved soaking them in warm water and soap)
  • riding my bike
  • a sick day of Sonic video game play (my brother and I beat it -- I can't even tell you what we were sick from)
  • Disney Movie night (on TV)
What I am afraid my children will remember:
  • me being on my cell phone
  • me placating them with video games
  • being sent outside to play on the swing set so I could clean the house
Although, reading my list of memories.. I am *now* sure that some of those items were my parents shooing us away to get things done.

So how do I accomplish "Not missing out on Childhood" from their end and mine?  

I don't get home from work till about 6pm or 6:30pm...  I make dinner.. we eat dinner.. and then its off to bed at 8:30pm.  Not much time in there.  In the morning its getting everyone ready, making lunches, and then out the door and off to daycare/school/work.

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