Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Secret Purchase

Okay, so it's not a secret purchase nor is it an expensive purchase, my husband approved the purchase, even though he truly didn't get the reason for it. I guess I am keeping it a secret from family and friends.. the same way I've kept them out of the loop on the fertility treatments. I haven't told them, not because I think they'd be unsympathetic, but because I know that they'd overly supportive and the few family members that do know are almost overbearing with their support. I hate being asked "so, are you pregnant yet?" .... "ummm.. don't you think I'd tel you if I were... why do you think I am drinking this wine?". Anyway, that is sidestepping the topic a bit.

Brave Heart Lion 13 Care Bear Cousins with VHS Episodes The Fountain of Youth and Treat Heart Baba and the Two Thieves 2004 "So, being a child of the 80's I of ,course grew up on those mushy cartoons: Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, The Monchichi's (even though I swear I am the only one who remembers that show), The Wuzzles, My Little Pony and of course The Care Bears, which inevetiabley spawned the creation of The Care Bear Cousins! Yes, I know you remember BrHeart.. how could you not? He was brave and kind... and a wicked awesome LION!

Cozy Heart Penguin 11 Care Bear Cousins with VHS " Anyway, there was also a Penguin.. yes, you read that right.. a Penguin.. named "Cozy Heart Penguin".. how perfect is that!?! So, I managed to locate a plush doll of this Care Bear Cousin on ebay and bought it! I don't know why, but somehow it makes me feel better having it, knowing that I have something to remind me of our penguin. I can only hope that the child we adopt will cherish the penguin as much as I do.

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