Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Paper, Paper, Paper

Well, the paperwork is completed and has been sent to the "Approval Gods" (see the Checklist).  Yes, that means that P had his TB test, which was negative.. not that we weren't positive it would be negative.  And funny enough, of all the tests we've taken throughout he years of TTC and FTs this is one of the few tests that it be negatory is exciting and wonderful!!  We also got back our AWARD from the lovely state of PA... annd I say AWARD, because that is litterally what it looked like.  Basically, CONGRATULATIONS.. You are not a Child Abuser!!  I honestly LAUGHED, and almost choked, when I opened the envelope to see a tan sheet of paper with that award border, my name (we each received our own.. how special), and a paragraph explaining that we had been cleared.

I also spoke with KGB, via email, yesterday and she said that it takes about 3.. THREE... weeks for the AG's to give us the go ahead to have a placement.  Which, puts us into July AND my middle brother's wedding.  So, if we were to get a call for a placement straight away, it looks like we'd have to turn it down, unless we can get approval to take the kiddo(s) with us to the Ocean State.

And to add to your pleasure, I have some pics from the gifts we received from all of our amazing friends and familyl, who have supported us through this whole endeavor and whom I know will continue to support us (sorry I don't have any pics from the Licensing Shower, but it I don't.. no excuses there).

I swear I'll be sending out the "thank you" notes soon.. they are done.. I just have to put stamps on them.  But know that I do "THANK YOU".. well WE THANK YOU.  Considering we don't know the age or even sex of our future child(ren), the items we did receive will be of much use, because they fit a vast age group.


  1. You kids will be great parents!!! I have every faith that any child(ren) placed in your care will be well cared for and taken care of!! :-) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. It is wonderful to get the "clearance" We FINALLY received clearance from the INS that my son is officially a citizen even though that happened over a year ago with his official adoption. The gifts are wonderful. I will never forget how loved we felt when we received so many gifts in anticipation of min man arriving home.

  3. I LOVE the Dr. Seuss bedding. Perfect for being gender neutral!

    Our twin bed has a girly print on once side, and stripes on the other if we get a boy.

    My phone rang twice last week while I was on vacation. Of course, now that I am home, it hasn't rang! Oh well, eventually! :)

  4. I know the waiting will be hard but CONGRATS on being one step closer!! I'll have my fingers crossed for you!!

  5. Yay! One step closer!! Congrats on being cleared!

    Your gonna be in RI this summer?! Is it just for the wedding or are you staying a couple extra days?

  6. Thanks Ladies!! I am excited!!

    @Lauren, yup we'll be in Rhodey.... the 2nd week of July for like that week and then I'll be back for a weekend in October because another brother is getting married then. :)

  7. Congrats!!! Big steps!

    Also, i checked out your IKEA goodies... love them all! Thanks for stopping by. =) Rebecca



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