Monday, June 14, 2010

Pretend Parenting

So, this weekend we got some practice through a "playdate".  On Saturday we went to a BBQ and our friends' 6 year old son asked if he could go for a ride in our car (he has a fascination with cars).  Obviously, I had been enjoying some "adut beverages" and had to turn him down, but told him that we'd pick him up the next afternoon after church and we'd hang out for the afternoon.

We kept our promise and in the beginning he was really quiet... I mean R E A L L Y QU I E T!!  But the smile on his face said it all. We took him to lunch and he was soo polite and sweet.  He got a little cold on the patio of the restaurant so I grabbed a pullover from the car for him to wear (it was a bit big, but it worked).  I commented on how he was wear a dress, and he giggled and asked me (well, this it was it sounded like) ...

"Do you know what a guilt is?"

Paul and I just stared at one another and I asked him "Do you want to take this one?"  He didn't... So I just repeated what I thought JM had said, to confirm before answering.. and he giggled again and said...

"No, do you know what a kilt is?"

Needless to say we were both very releived to find that that was the question and not the one we thought we heard.  I mean how to do answer the first one?  The kilt was easy ... "a Man's Skirt".

After lunch, we went to the house, he asked for a tour, and the we played some wii (JM totally kicked my butt in boxing), played with some legos, and he watched a dvd of old school Gumby.

I am pretty sure JM enjoyed himself, because he requested to spend the night.. but alas with work in the morning we had to decline the request.  I told him that he could spend the night on a Friday night when we didn't have to work in the morning.


  1. I love the pic of P playing with him. too cute! Oh, and Old school gumpy rocks! <3

  2. GUMBY! I'd forgotten all about Gumby!

    I love the "man's skirt" answer, too :-)



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