Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So, prior to vacation my firm's office manager, S., came into my office with a question... 

"Can we talk?" 
enough to send shivers down your spine... my mind starts racing... "Holy.Crap.. I am being reprimanded, but what did I do?!?!  There isn't enough work to go around.. my evaluation wasn't awful, please.. please... I don't want to lose my job!"

I compose myself.. and quickly respond "Sure." She then asks...
"Do you mind if I shut the door?"

my mind starts racing again..... "OMG!! What the heck could she possibly want to converse about?? Okay, think, think.... what I have done I recently?? Ummm nothing.. I haven't had any snarky emails from anyone about my performance.  In fact I was asked to take on another department, because of their legal assistant leaving.. Okay, Okay... calm down.  Maybe this is just a friendly chat?!  What am I wearing for shoes?  Are they not part of the dress code?  Nope, ballet flats.. those should be fine... Okay wait, she is talking.. listen..."

She proceeds to explain to me that she heard that we were becoming Foster Parents and hoping to adopt through the Foster Care system.  And wanted to let me know that she and her husband had adopted through Foster Care, six years ago.  (Okay, not exactly what I had been anticipating or worried about, now is it?)  She explained her story on how she met the FOUR, 4, FOUR siblings that we then living with their bio grandparents (bio mom's parental units) and that bio mom had basically relinquished her rights to the children.  I believe that the youngest was like 4 or 5 at the time (maybe 6.. don't quote me on that).. anyway they spent some time getting to know the kids and being introduced as G-Ma's and G-Pa's "FRIENDS", having dinner, "randomly" bumping into them at the movies, attending family gatherings. 

At one of the final "gatherings" which happened to be the youngest's birthday party... The youngest was crying.. S. leaned over and asked her what was bothering her... she replied, with tears in her eyes...   "All I wanted for my birthday was a MOMMY."  So, S. (holding back her own tears.. even as she told the story) softly asked her "Well is that what you wished for?"  and she (still sobbing) replied "Yes, I pray every day and it never happens!" S. then whispered to her "Why do you think I am here?" And the tears and sobbing stopped, the birthday party could continue... because the youngest and S. had both gotten their birthday wish that day.
I thought it was the sweetest story.. the children are all doing well, they have regular contact with their G-Ma and G-Pa.. and are all very well adjusted.  It was just a reminder that Wishes Do Come True....


  1. What a sweet story! I'm sure soon you'll have your own to tell :)

  2. That is a wonderful story. It is such a relief when you find people that have walked in your shoes.

  3. I think you had told me this a few weeks ago, but today it brought tears to my eyes again.

    You're going to be a mommy! I can't believe I am going to be one (am one) this quickly!

    Our 6 yr old came to spend the night last night, the 4 yr old had a WIC appointment today so she's coming later. The first thing Cinderella said when she came in was, "I have a plan for you". Then she proceeded to tell me she was moving here forever soon and I was the best mommy. I hope she always thinks that! :)

  4. That is the sweetest story I have read in a while! Way to make a new mama tear up!



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