Tuesday, July 20, 2010

¿dónde estás?

This question never seems to not come in conversation...

 "Where are you?"
 -- in relation to the Foster Care Licensing Process --

Well, we are in the same room room we were last week, and even last month.. the Waiting.Room.  Just chillin' and waiting and seriously annoying the KGB weekly.  I email her to ask about the status, which she says... prompts her to call the state department and find out where we stand.  But basically.. its a stand.still, you know how government agencies are.. a complete and utter traffic jam.  So, we wait... and wait some more.. just every so patiently waiting.

And our supposed busy household, is not so full of hustle and bustle either.  The church decided to place the FORE counselors in one home, instead of dividing them between dos casas.  So, maybe that means that I can start on another project... painting the jack and jill bathroom (its small).. and then if we still don't have any movement on the FosterCare front and the homefront is still a quiet environment, we I (P is in an online Masters program, with LOTS of homework.. so its not so much that he would be unwilling.. just more unable.. getting an amazing GPA for his Masters is more important than assisting me in painting) can paint the other guest bedroom.

so for now.....


  1. The waiting must be the hardest part. I know you're ready to go. Hopefully they can move faster soon!

  2. Ughhh waiting sucks!!! I hope the wait isn't too much longer for you Maddie. I've seen the photos of the painting you have been doing and it looks GREAT!



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