Friday, July 16, 2010


It's been awhile since I've posted, basically because nothing has happened... well other than a lovely vacation back to the smallest state in the union.  I emailed the KGB yesterday to find out the status of our Foster Care license, and she hasn't heard anything back from the state, so she planned on calling them today to find out.  So, the red.tape of government agenices has a stuck at a stand still on the Foster Care front.. which is fine and dandy, because we should be taking in two (2) college aged counselors for our church's summer program, this coming week.  From what I have been told, the kids are pretty self-sufficient and that we would only responsible for feeding the breakfast while they reside with us.  A different member of the congregation will be taking them to dinner each night.  Not too bad.. plus it's nice to have a "busy" household -- partly because I grew up in a "busy" household... my parents, grandparents, great uncle and his daughter (for a brief period), a cousin (during the summer break from school), and my 4 siblings all lived in one house... not a mansion, a 17th century farmhouse... which had been expanded over the years.  It was an interesting childhood to say the least. 

So, the past week involved a trip to Niagara Falls (well, we drove across the bridge and I snapped a pic with my cell phone), a trip up to the Adirondacks, a brief drive through Lake Placid (not the lake, the town.. we saw some of the Olympic Arenas.. an intersting site for the eyes), and finally to the Ocean State for my middle brother's wedding at the family "farm" (it was a jersery farm, then a stable for boarding horses, then a plant nursery, now just a self-sufficient farm for my parents and FB's -- but its been in the family since the beginning.. so its a special place in our hearts).

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  1. You were in NY and I didn't know about it? :( JK! Hope you had fun! I'll be near Lake Placid next weekend.



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