Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zero to Sixty

So, after just getting licensed last Wednesday, we got a call yesterday (exactly 1 week later) for respite care.  For those of you not familiar, respite care is basically babysitting for another foster family.  The time for respite can vary from an evening, to a weekend, to a week, or longer.. it all depends on how much the family needs (and the reasoning can vary from vacations, to just needing a break for a date night, to family emergencies).  Well, for our respite care we will be caring for a 10 week old baby boy (names have been changed to protect the innocent) "Aarron" (I am following in the footsteps of storm names.. starting out with A.. obviously our next placement will begin with a B) for the next 2 weeks

I picked up Aarron this afternoon, stopped by a friends house for some much needed (incredibly generous and kind) baby stuff (a swing, a bouncy seat, a bath, a "snugli" and a floor/tummy time toy -- which he absolutely loves!).  We chatted for a bit.. then I was off to the homestead, but a made another pitstop at another friend's house (just so she could meet Aarron).

I managed to carry everything into the house (not all at once) and then got Aarron situated, and then took care of the dogs (potty time, dinner time.. yada, yada).  Then P. came home while I was feeding the baby (by the way.. this baby is not little.. he is a chunka monka man-baby!)  and then we did our dinner thing, while the baby napped for a bit.  And I quickly ran out to Target to get some necessities (a diaper pail, wipes, bibs, burp rags, bath supplies, bottles, extra sheets, etc. --> thanks for the gift cards everyone.. they REALLY came in handy!!  oh and the bathroom safety kit had a water thermometer.. AWESOME!  its a fish that floats and reads the water temp).  While I was out, I got a phone call (which I didn't hear.. my phone has no service in any of the big box stores --- do you think that's because they don't want you communicating with the outside world when you are debating a purchase?!?)  but I did get his text.. "I think someone's hungry"  So I texted back.. "there's a bottle on the counter".  I then called another friend, while waiting for a register (Thanks M!!) "Ummm.. could you help me?  I just wanna make sure I have everything that I will for at least tonight." and I ran through the everything that was in my carriage (yes is my Rhodey talk.. its a carriage.. not a cart there).  She agreed that I'd be good for at least tonight, anyway, and couldn't think of anything to add.. although, as I was talking to her I remembered I needed hypoallergenic laundry detergent... so I grabbed that.. and then began the checkout process.

I got home.. started washing some of the new things. And basically organized the diaper bag, the bedroom, the bathroom, while P. continued watching Aarron.  Then it was bathtime (which he didn't actually like unless you were dumping water under his neck.  Then time for bed... which I found he can only be walked.  No rocking, no stopping, no sitting... just walking.  He is now in the crib.. sleeping soundly (and supposedly he sleeps through the night.. we'll see).

So for now.. Good Night...


  1. Aww, so exciting! I hope it continued to go so well! I'm excited to hear more as your two weeks progress.

  2. looks like you had a great first day... :) on a side note, where did you get that comic of the pug?? our pug is JUST like that and i want to share it with stephen.



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