Thursday, September 30, 2010

Number 1's and Number 2's

I am so going to have POTTY MOUTH! 

"B"ella is potty trained (so we were told) she was doing really well with her Number 1 on the potty and NEVER has an issue with Number 2.  My understanding is that the last part of potty training are the child's BM's... typically they continue to have them in their pants until they are fully trained.. and "B"ella only has her Number 2's in the toilet.

But recently she has decided that wetting her pants and sitting in them and then lying about it -- example:"'C'indy peed my paints." (yes the girls say "paints" instead of "pants").  So after 3 changes of underwear this past Saturday.. I have put her back in pullups and placed all of her "big girl undies" in a clear container on the counter in the girls' bathroom.  She was told that if she didn't wet herself for 1 week she could have them back (yes, I realize that is an eternity in her world, but she has done it before).

We recently started giving both "C"indy and "B"ella M&M's when "B"ella goes on the potty instead of in her pants.  The thought was that "C"indy would encourage her younger sister to go to the potty when she did so she could get the candy.. but that doesn't seem to be helping any.

So, for those of you that have been through the potty training phase.. any HELP/ADVICE would greatly appreciated!!


  1. I've been potty training my son (2 1/2) now for about 2 months. I'd say he is trained for Number 1, and 1/3-1/2 trained for Number 2. When we first started we put him straight into big boy underwear and expected lots of accidents, and that is what we got. Within a couple days he got a lot better but still had accidents. We found that he would hold going Number 2 until he was in a pull-up for nap or bedtime. Still, 2 months in, he has had a handful of BM's on the potty and the rest are either in his big boy underwear or pull-ups. It's very frustrating.

    Have you tried no underwear? Maybe just put her in a dress/night gown and see what happens. Maybe commit a weekend to giving it a try and see how it goes.

    The only other tip that I can think of is to be careful how you react to the accidents. She might be getting the reaction out of you that she wants. Has anything happened recently that would prompt these steps back in potty training? Is she nervous about something? Is she trying to get your attention?

    Keep us updated! I love reading your blog

  2. She is fully potty trained.. I am assuming regression because of the new placement and being placed with her baby brother (he is only 5 months old). We introduced a sticker reward chart this weekend (for her and her sister.. big sis gets stickers for doing her chores, and the little one for not having accidents -- did I mention most mornings she wakes up dry)... she didn't have an accident this weekend!! WHOOT WHOOT! Maybe we are back on track with her? (fingers crossed!)

  3. Hi Maddie,

    I am just about done potty training my daughter. It is one of the hardest things I've done as a parent yet. Honestly they say don't go back to pull ups after they have started to wear panties(except at night)because they get confused. They will have regressions but unfortunately you just have to deal with the mess. YUCK! There were times I was pulling my hair out, and almost hers. Don't let it become a power struggle. Stay firm. And rewards work! I still go through about 3-5 panties a day sometimes. It's just how it is, but it's not forever.


    P.S. I am starting the process of Foster parenting. I just talked to my hubby about it and he is on board. You're an inspiration.

  4. Oh I hope so! I hope it was just a minor set back because of all things new going on in her life. Which from what I've heard can be expected.

    Send any tips my way on how to get a child to go #2 in the potty and wake up dry. Those are my two feats I'm working towards with my son right now.



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